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Theobald chelated crossways.

The Laughing Gravy is one of London's best kept secrets located near to Waterloo and Southwark tubes as well as the vibrant Southbank and Borough district of London.

Relaxed and inviting, we offer an incredible menu of fresh, seasonal dishes with a well-chosen wine list that reflects our attention to detail.

Occupying the ground floor of an original foundry building, the restaurant, which is in walking distance from both the Old and Young Vic, seats up to 50 diners and has a buzzy bar.

Our head chef Michael Facey has over 20 years experience and is an expert in modern British inspired cuisine

Having worked alongside top chefs such as John Torode, Gary Hollihead and Mark Hix, Michael has honed his skills and takes pride in creating dishes based around seasonal produce so we can serve the freshest food possible.

He has worked hard to source the best suppliers and support local businesses – some of our herbs and veg are picked straight from the community garden just next door.

We are very pleased to have Michael on board as part of our team. He brings with him a wealth of experience from restaurants including Scotts, Chinawhites and leading north London gastro-pub and celeb haunt The Pineapple.

Cheap Tramadol By Cod - Tramadol Rx Purchase

Cheap Tramadol By Cod - Tramadol Rx Purchase


Monday to Thursday: 1200 - 1500
& 1700 - 2200
Friday/Saturday: 1200 - 1500 & 1700 - 2230
Sunday: 1200 - 1630


Monday to Friday: 1200 - late
Saturday: 1200 - late
Sunday: 1200 - 1800