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Fourpure Jet Lager (draft)
Fourpure Session IPA (draft)
Fourpure Oatmeal Stout (draft)
Meantime London Lager (330ml)
Bloody Mary/Bloody Shame
Cucumber Gimblet
Breakfast Martini
Sloe Gin Fizz

Smoked scallop and crayfish Scotch egg, roast cauliflower mousseline
Chermoula marinated aubergine, borlotti beans, charcoal baba ghanoush, mixed seed crackers
Treacle cured seared tuna, seaweed and onion fritter, celeriac and burnt cucumber tzatziki, squid ink tuile
Braised lamb sausage roll, pea purée and caramelised pear
Cauliflower and black truffle fritter, roast cauliflower purée, white asparagus, pickled mushroom, slow-cooked egg

Superfood salad with baked crumbled goat’s cheese (add chicken £3.00)
Smoked haddock fishcake, buttered cabbage, Tewkesbury mustard sauce
Roast Heritage vegetables, root vegetable dumplings, red pepper ketchup
Three cheese roasted cauliflower macaroni (add bacon £2.00)
Pan-fried market fish, roast mixed beetroot, grilled leek, black rice and seaweed arancini with a lemon butter dressing

Our Sunday roasts are served with beef dripping roast potatoes, Chantenay carrots, seasonal greens, Yorkshire pudding and gravy
Thyme and garlic butter free-range chicken breast
Slow roasted carved leg of Launde Farm lamb
Aberdeen Angus beef onglet marinated in Fourpure Brewery’s Oatmeal stout
Herb leaf salad
Hand cut chips
Truffle chips
Buttered greens
Yorkshire pudding
Beef dripping roast potatoes


Triple chocolate mousse with a peanut butter praline centre
Strawberry and pistachio cream sandwich, white chocolate, strawberry sorbet 
Salted caramelised banana and chocolate delice, banana parfait,almond crumb
Bramley apple parfait, apricot Swiss roll, caramelised apricots
White chocolate ice cream served with Patron XO café liqueur
Fruit sorbet topped with berry compote
British cheese selection with oat cakes and house chutney
(add a glass of port £6.00 or recioto della Valpolicella £9.00)

Follow us on Instagram @TheLaughingGravy

Cheap Tramadol Uk - Cheap Tramadol Online Cod


Monday to Thursday: 1200 - 1500
& 1700 - 2200
Friday/Saturday: 1200 - 1500 & 1700 - 2230
Sunday: 1200 - 1630


Monday to Friday: 1200 - late
Saturday: 1200 - late
Sunday: 1200 - 1800